05 January 1959

A Night at Eden

Corrado Calanchi
Music "Alone" by Guglielmo Pagnozzi from the album "Gentle Heartquacke" - Setola di Maiale 2022

Girls parade on the stage of the Eden theater in Bologna, perhaps for a local beauty contest. They appear to us a bit awkward, almost embarrassed, in the shots taken on January 5, 1959 by Corrado Calanchi with his 8mm, probably a mere spectator of the variety show. Then the show continues, dancers and provocative prima donnas take to the stage, at ease in attracting glances. Calanchi's shots, like those of other amateur filmmakers who try to capture the key moment of the striptease, curiously anticipate European Nights (1959) by Alessandro Blasetti, an investigative film on nightlife which has by now become a true unifying element of the continent, considered the archetype of the trend of the ‘mondo movie’.