11 January 1937

The Doctor's Wedding

Famiglia Benagiano
Music by Guglielmo Pagnozzi

Rome, 11 January. A small crowd from all walks of life is gathered around the steps of the Santi Angeli Custodi church in Montesacro. Men with top hats and others with simple caps, women with fur collars or wrapped in shawls follow with their eyes the bride, Maria Luisa Piergili, on her father's arm, while the bridesmaids lift the train. Accompanied by his mother, they are followed by the groom, Andrea Benagiano: after studying medicine and surgery in Bologna and Bari and specialising in dentistry in Rome, he has been working at the George Eastman Institute in Rome for a few years now, dealing with dento-maxillo-facial orthodontics. Commissioned and financed by the American philanthropist of the same name, the pioneer of photography and founder of Eastman Kodak, since 1933 the Institute has offered dental care to the city's poor children, modelled on the dental dispensary in Rochester. In 1950, Benagiano won the competition to become director of the Eastman Institute.