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12 January1952
At the 30th Anniversary Exhibition of the Communist Party
Angelo Marzadori
Music by Guglielmo Pagnozzi / Voice of Pierpaolo Capovilla

“The Party is a hurricane / full of feeble and faint voices / and at its gusts / the fortalices of the enemy blow up,/ like eardrums at the thunder of the guns. /The misfortune is on the man when he is alone. / The bad luck is in the heart of the solitary man. / The man alone is easy prey / of all the powerful figures / and even of the weak ones provided they get in two. / But if in the Party / all the weak men meet, / surrender, enemy, die and lie! / The Party is a hand / with million fingers, / closed in on only one threating fist. / The isolated man doesn’t count, / even if he is strong / he is not able to lift a simply beam, / neither a five storied house. / But with the Party, / by supporting and standing up each other, / we will build till the heaven. / The Party is the backbon of the working class. / The Party is the immortality of our work. / The Party is the only thing, that doesn’t betray”. On 12 January 1952, the great exhibition celebrating the 30th anniversary of the founding of the Italian Communist Party and the history of the trade union and workers' movement opened at Palazzo Re Enzo in Bologna. It was a much-visited exhibition, as can be seen in the images of militant filmmaker Angelo Marzadori, who filmed its opening - shown in this excerpt - on 8mm film and documented it precisely panel after panel in an astonishing virtual tour ante-litteram. The first panel of the exhibition is dedicated to the poem The Party by Vladimir Majakovsky, which we hear in our soundtracked version interpreted by the voice of Pierpaolo Capovilla and set to music by Guglielmo Pagnozzi.