18 January 1986

First Day at Home

Daniela Annovazzi
Music by Guglielmo Pagnozzi

Daniela Annovazzi, the aunt of the newborn Marco and author of the Super8, says: 'the film is shot in Pavia, where my older brother Valerio, my sister-in-law Ilde, and Marco's parents live, both 30 years old at the time. We are all very excited about the big event, the parents, the four grandparents and especially the aunt! Marco and Ilde came home after a week and it even snowed. In the second sequence you can clearly see my brother trying to get Marco to suck his nose instead of Mummy. The little guy protests very loudly when he is hungry and every means is possible to calm him down!" On that same 18 January 1986, two national-popular icons, Pippo Baudo and Katia Ricciarelli, got married in Sicily, the Milan football team passed to Silvio Berlusconi for 15 billion lire, opening what was to be a new era in football, media and politics. The newspapers also report on a tragic fire in a department store in Venice during the sales, with people burnt to death.