20 January 1962

Marina, First Bath

Renato Longo
Musica: Estrellita by Xavier Cugat and his Orchestra, M. M. Ponce. Adaptation by Guglielmo Pagnozzi

On 3 January, we saw Marina Longo's fourth birthday party, filmed by her father Renato in 1966. But let's rewind the film and go back to 20 January (in 1962): Marina is seventeen days old and, as usually happens about ten to fifteen days after birth, the fragment of the umbilical cord, the last sign of the nine months of gestation, has fallen off. At last she can take a bath! Marina, although puzzled, seems to enjoy her first encounter with water outside her mother's belly. Who knows if it was cold, that January day, in Naples. The snow will only arrive in mid-March.