28 January 1962

San Marino

Romano Zamagna
Original sound

'But at the top of the climb there is fame', so sings the Cetra Quartet in Ciao mama. In reality, at the top of the climb from Rimini is San Marino, the destination of the Zamagna family's Sunday outing. On the 'pianello' in front of the public palace, father Romano films his wife, daughter and grandmother. Next to it is a fountain: until 1915, women used to climb up here with buckets to get water. Then, the upper part of the small republic began to be served by small aqueducts, but it was not until May 1962 that the new, modern aqueduct guaranteeing water to the entire territory was completed, financed by a gift from the US government, now that San Marino was no longer social-communist. Women could thus finally have water in their homes, but they would have to wait until 1964 to vote.