30 January 1927

Ghosts in the snow

Guglielmo Baldassini
Music by Guglielmo Pagnozzi

Images from the past sometimes come to us transfigured by time and bad preservation conditions. In this film we see figures that like ghosts move towards the camera and towards us, the casual viewers of today. We barely recognise human figures, fascinating and elusive. We know, however, that we are in Milan, it is Sunday 30 January 1927. After a heavy snowfall during the night, 'the city has awoken like this with a robe of candour: a fairy-tale spectacle that is always attractive and welcome' (Corriere della sera). Precisely what we rediscover in this 9.5 mm film by Guglielmo Baldassini that captures the dazzling light, the atmosphere of that distant day, on the snow-covered ramparts at the gardens of Porta Venezia. And then Guglielmo's son, little Luciano, who engages in a snowball fight.