02 February 1934

Skiing in Palo

Enrico Chierici

Music by Guglielmo Pagnozzi

There is merry skiing on 2 February 1934 on the snow-covered slopes at Palo, a hamlet in the commune of Sassello, in the province of Savona, on the Piedmont side of the Apennines, about two hours' drive from Genoa, and only 672 metres above sea level. We see boys and girls who are not exactly expert skiers, but the light-heartedness of the moment certainly prevails. Air of freedom in this group of young friends from Genoa. Some ski in short sleeves. Especially noticeable is a girl, cousin of filmmaker Enrico Chierici and perhaps for this reason particularly filmed, who does not give up between falls. The girl performs under the gaze of her father, the filmmaker's uncle, portrayed in the foreground, who seems more amused than anything else. It has to be said that skiing has been a sport practised by women since its origins and there were already established female champions in the 1930s.