10 February 1970

Defending democracy

Carlo Giampiccolo
Music by Guglielmo Pagnozzi

Few and hard-to-understand notes accompany this film, part of Keep Cool, experimental project never completed by Carlo Giampiccolo and Mauro Mingardi. Fascinating film fragments remain. This film, dated 10 February 1970, opens with sequences shot in Mauro Mingardi's studio: the young protagonist lies dead and half-naked on the ground, covered with large drawings of women's faces and details of the female body. The succumbing atmosphere of the mise-en-scène is broken by the filming of moments on the set. The shots move to the street, dwelling on the signs and inscriptions. In the confusion of the urban representation and the cryptic messages, one is very clear and very topical in this glimpse of Italy, early 1970s: 'Defend democracy'.