13 December 1932

Isa on the carousel

Famiglia Barzizza
"Virus" by Guglielmo Pagnozzi / Album "Gentle Heartquacke" - Setola di Maiale 2022

What you see is one of the first screen performances by Luisita Barzizza, nicknamed Isa, born in 1929 and future actress of the theatre, cinema and television. Pippo Barzizza's daughter, who is still two years old, is limited to small family scenes, which are, however, very sophisticated: her father is in fact an amateur director who is very skilled at involving his actors, first and foremost his family. This scene of the merry-go-round shot in Milan on 13 February 1932 sees Isa acting with his mother Tatina and the papier-mâché horse, well before he teamed up with Totò on the theatre and film stages. The road to the real stages is still a long one. It will take many more carousels to achieve success.