18 February 1958

Giuseppe and Nuccia

Giuseppe Damiata
Music by Guglielmo Pagnozzi

In the street in Palermo, on 18 February 1958, Giuseppe Damiata films his nephews Giuseppe and Nuccia, his brother's children. Damiata's 9.5 mm home movies, almost all set in the Sicilian capital, is strongly ritualistic and portraitist. Dinners, lunches, moments of conviviality, parties, everything that brings people together is a reason to film and the camera itself induces people to come together. In fact, dozens of relatives, friends and many children pose in front of the camera. Here we are at carnival, the little ones portraited are only two, in costume, and they are directed like puppets. They look like ‘pupi’ moving rhythmically. On that very day in New Jersey, an American of Palermitan origin was born, John Travolta who will make famous some other new rhythms all over the world.