19 February 1983


Famiglia Ranza
Music by Guglielmo Pagnozzi

On 19 February 1983, the Ranza family assembled a gigantic puppet in their garden for the Varese Carnival Saturday parade. We immediately recognised the silhouette of E.T., which surprised us more by the size of the puppet than by the fact itself. Steven Spielberg's film E.T. came out the year before and the figure of the extra-terrestrial forgotten on earth (poor him!) moved and literally conquered the world, entering perhaps forever into the imagination of young and old alike. That of 1983 is the first carnival to celebrate E.T. and the Ranza's don't think twice about it, probably wanting to jolt everyone with the most extraordinary mask in the parade. But as can be seen in this home movie, the real feat - and the great fun - is the construction, which is not for nothing documented. We do not know whether E.T.'s inventor Carlo Rambaldi himself was directly involved in the operation. We would not be too surprised, knowing the constant surprises that the Ranza films have in store for us, certainly the filmmaker Stefano shares with Spielberg a great love for (home) movies.