22 February 1970


Carlo Giampiccolo
Music by Guglielmo Pagnozzi

22 February 1970, day exterior. A young man is in the throes of a vomiting fit. We immediately notice that he expels strange objects: pieces of film, toy airplanes, toy soldiers... This sequence is probably to be understood as a physical (and symbolic) rejection of what we introject on a daily basis and on which we ourselves feed. Be it the news that arrives of distant and nearby wars, feelings of guilt, helplessness, images and representations of a world that no longer seems to belong to us. Finally we realize that we are watching a scene from a film that has never been completed, from a barely sketched speech. And there are those who let out a laugh by not taking themselves too seriously, yet through this sequence comes the vomit of an era that is still and perhaps increasingly our own.