25 February 1955

Luciano Osti
Music by Guglielmo Pagnozzi

Luciano Osti is a keen cameraman in filming the urban transformations of post-war Bologna. On 25 February 1955, Osti's 8mm camera captures glimpses of a rapidly changing urban landscape. The shots from the elevated point of the Montagnola, near Porta Galliera, open northwards on the dome of the Chiesa del Sacro Cuore (Sacred Heart Church), already damaged by wartime bombing, and on the back of the headquarters of the G.I.L. - Gioventù Italiana del Littorio, a legacy of the fascist regime (soon to be demolished and replaced by the bus station). Then Osti's camera and our gaze with his move north-west, on the industrial Bologna of the first suburbs, the ring road and the Gas Works and the Gasometer. Finally, the filming continues from another vantage point: the railway station bridge above the tracks, where steam and electric locomotives alternate. Filming the old - which disappears - and the new - which comes forward - is a characteristic of Osti's documentary cinema, pure urban poetry.