03 March 1979

Winter Spectres

Luciano Osti
Music by Guglielmo Pagnozzi

First of March 1957, it is the image of a transfigured winter that Luciano Osti offers in this film shot in a public park. The landscape shrouded in fog, the silhouettes of bare tree branches, the rare human and animal figures that shyly move in space, the merry-go-rounds that come alive on their own, the reflections in the puddles, the fallen leaves, the benches and empty paths, the movement of the antlers of the fighting fawns and the immobility of the signs. All images that evoke the mood of a cold, dreary season and loneliness. This, at least, is what the poetic vision of Osti, a master of the urban landscape filmed in 8mm, provokes in us. This time, instead of capturing the social and architectural aspect, Osti aims to make us feel the inner chill of winter. Perhaps it was the dark times of the Cold War, the first Bergman films he saw or Rossellini's inner landscapes that inspired him. We do not know for sure but we can imagine. We do know that the film, shot at the Giardini Margherita in Bologna, entitled 'Winter' and conceived with an original musical commentary that has unfortunately been lost, won a prize in the 1957 Bologna film club theme competition and then remained in the drawer until today.