16 September 1979

The Tiger of Malaysia

Moruzzi Adriano
Music by Guglielmo Pagnozzi

The Malaysian tiger is there but cannot be seen. It hides in the rainforest, rightly keeping away from the cameras. In March 1979, Adriano Moruzzi travelled to South East Asia with his wife and sailed down the river precisely in search of the tiger, armed with a Super8 camera. An adventurous trip, not organised, as he points out. 'We met the tiger on the path in the forest, it stopped to look at us, the ranger ordered us not to move and was ready with his rifle. The tiger at a maximum distance of ten metres, after a long minute in which we looked at each other with mutual curiosity, went into the forest." In the imagination of Italian tourists, it may be that the writer Salgari and his famous character Sandokan, the protagonist of the highly successful television script in the 1970s, play a role in the fascination for Malaysia. These images of the river voyage, however, curiously recall the drifts of the film 'Apocalypse Now', which was released in 1979 and sees among its most mysterious and disturbing scenes also the encounter of 'Charlie' with the tiger in the jungle.