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Team and contacts
A journey through 100 years of small format cinema and collective history through family, amateur, experimental and artist films.
A journey through 100 years of small format cinema and collective history through family, amateur, experimental and artists' films

Home Movies 100 is a project of the Home Movies Foundation National Family Film Archive ETS carried out in partnership with the Kiné production house and counting on numerous institutional collaborations. For over twenty years, Home Movies has been archiving and restoring the private and unpublished film memories of Italians from all over the country in Bologna. The Foundation's mission is the cultural enhancement of this important heritage. With Home Movies 100, it celebrates the centenary of the birth of small film formats and the history of family, amateur, experimental and artists' cinema.

Home Movies 100

Direction Paolo Simoni

Home Movies production Vanessa Mangiavacca

Kiné production Claudio Giapponesi

Titles and animations Kiné

Visual identity and interface design Irene Sgarro

Web Development Inmagik

Press office Luciana Apicella


Concept and editorial care Paolo Simoni in collaboration with Michele Manzolini and Elena Pirazzoli

Research and selection of archival film materials Davide Bianchi, Ilaria Ferretti, Chiara Garbari, Vanessa Mangiavacca, Michele Manzolini, Mirco Santi, Silvia Savorelli and Paolo Simoni

Video post-production Chiara Garbari

Post production collaborations Paolo Lancellotti

Texts Paolo Simoni and Elena Pirazzoli

Sound by Guglielmo Pagnozzi; Mattis Appelqvist Dalton, Emiliano Battistini, Biagio Cavallo, Lorenza Ceregini, Saverio Cigarini, Théophile Gagnard, Marco Melilli, Salvatore Miele, Pierpaolo Ovarini, Pasquale Savignano, William Succi, Alessio Ricci (Sound Design, Film Music and International Composition Master for the screen - Electronic Music School of the Bologna Conservatory InMics, coordinated by Simonluca Laitempergher)

Concept and editorial care Paolo Simoni

Research and selection of archival materials Agnese Garbari in collaboration with Chiara Garbari and Vanessa Mangiavacca

Video shooting Andrea Vaccari

Video shooting collaborations Enrico Riccobene

Text and video editing Agnese Garbari

Witnesses interviewed Adriano Aprà, Massimo Bacigalupo, Roberto Chierici, Luca Ferro, Andrea Granchi, Emilio Sidoti

Interviewed researchers and experts Alice Cati (Catholic University of Milan), Diego Cavallotti (University of Cagliari), Andrea Mariani (University of Udine), Jennifer Malvezzi (University of Parma), Mirco Santi (Home Movies), Giulia Simi (University of Sassari), Paolo Simoni (Home Movies), Paolo Villa (University of Pavia)

Archives consulted and used Home Movies - National Family Film Archive, Marinella Pirelli Archive, Gianfranco Brebbia Archive, Andrea Granchi Studio Archive, Adriano Aprà private archives, Massimo Bacigalupo, Gianni Castagnoli, Sirio Luginbühl, Elio Rumma, Patrizia Vicinelli. The digital copies of some printed materials were provided by the researchers following checks on the state of reproduction and dissemination rights.

Home Movies 100 Stories of the Reduced Format also enhances the materials archived by the PRID 2020 DIUM University of Udine research project “The destinies of a format. Small wheelbase policies and cultures in Italy (1944–1956): the papers of the ANICA fund" (scientific director Andrea Mariani)