04 January 1961

Everyone Skiing

Francesco Berti Arnoaldi Veli

Music by Guglielmo Pagnozzi
In the Alps, at Passo Rolle: his wife Luisa and his children Giuliano and Ugo leave the Venice hotel and take their skis with gestures and smiles offered to Francesco Berti Arnoaldi Veli's 8mm camera. While the other guests get on and cram into a truck to reach the slopes, the Bolognese family follows them with their own Fiat 500 Belvedere, heading towards Val Venegia. Ski holidays, once for the elite, are starting to become a mass phenomenon. For the Berti family, that January 4th is a historic date: Luisa puts on skis for the first and (perhaps) only time and crosses the Paneveggio forest, together with her husband and her children, in an enchanted setting.