15 January 1964


Gianfranco De Palma
Original sound

In the De Palma house in Turin, all you have to do is turn on the record player and Gianfranco and Ester go wild with the twist and the ‘alligalli’ dancing in front of their father Nunzio's camera, with the complicity of Mama Serafina who records the sound. The De Palma's are an Apulian family who emigrated to the Piedmontese capital in 1950, where Nunzio, a radio and TV technician, had success in just a few years with a household appliance business. Turntables and film cameras are no problem. It is January 1964, the weather is turning fine and so after the dances the De Palma family - with their grandmother who has come to visit them - leave the house. Valentino Park is already in bloom, as the recorded voice points out, because Nunzio likes to try out sound effects, even trying his hand at rudimentary dubbing.