26 January 1970

Keep Cool

Carlo Giampiccolo
Music by Guglielmo Pagnozzi

An urban landscape is walked by a young man who suddenly starts tearing down posters stuck one on top of the other, layered, with advertisements and political messages, from a wall. By dint of removing posters of the New Year's Eve Lottery and films released in cinemas, one, disturbingly, remains legible. It is the political poster expressing indignation and execration, demanding the truth for the attacks of the month before, the most serious of which was that of Piazza Fontana on 12 December 1969. There is the so-called strategy of tension, one must 'keep cool', but is it really possible not to lose one's head?

The gesture of tearing down the posters affixed one on top of the other cannot but bring to mind the work of pop artist Mimmo Rotella. "Likely Godardian influences," says Carlo Giampiccolo, creator and author with independent filmmaker Mauro Mingardi of the film project 'Keep Cool' (1970), from which this sequence, which has been soundtracked ad hoc, is taken. There is indeed an evident political and aesthetic air in this film shot in Bologna and left in the drawer.