09 February 1958

Fiorentina - Bologna

Emilio Nicoletti
Music by Guglielmo Pagnozzi

All football matches frame by frame. One often imagines the ambient sound of the many silent home movies shot on Sunday afternoons: the radio commentary of football matches that one listens to at home. But there are amateur filmmakers, die-hard fans, who go to the stadium with their camera, even when away. Like the Bolognese Emilio Nicoletti who, on 9 February 1958, travels by train to Florence for Fiorentina v Bologna, a Serie A fixture. Nicoletti films the journey with his fan friends and the procession of fans up to the Duomo. There are banners and even a sign with a coffin drawn on it and the words: 'Here lies Fiorentina'. The declaration is loud and clear, but the match will give an opposite outcome: it will be Fiorentina who prevail over Bologna 2-1 with goals all in the first half. The Bologna advantage by Pascutti ('4) was overturned by goals from Julinho (13') and Virgili (20'). Nicoletti films the action on the pitch and the reactions in the stands, but avoids filming the sadness of the return journey. Or perhaps he ran out of film?