16 February 1959

Permanent carousel

Famiglia Redighieri
Original sound

'Permanent Carousel' is the title given by filmmaker Franco Fiorini to this film about an ordinary day in a 1950s restaurant. A complete chronicle that goes from early morning to late evening, recounting and showing the 'backstage' - not visible to customers - of those who work there and how this place is experienced and populated by patrons at different times of the day. This exceptional chronicle is introduced by the filmmaker himself, who introduces the film's protagonists by mentioning them one by one: the owner of the restaurant, his family, obviously involved, and the many collaborators, emphasising the precision of the organisation and the complexity of the management. The various stages are marked by a clock on the wall. Any given day is Monday 16 February 1959: who knows if at some point the restaurant radio broadcasts the news of Fidel Castro's swearing in as prime minister. Life at the Buca Manzoni restaurant in Bologna, 8,500 km from Havana, is a permanent carousel of people working and coming and going, and the film is an exceptional document, a tribute to this activity full of admiration, and not a 'bottom licking', as Fiorini says. Presenting his film after reviewing all the protagonists, he closes with his: 'I'll show you what the cinedilettante Franco Fiorini filmed'.