13 March 1966


Oreste Baldi
Music by Guglielmo Pagnozzi

The Peace March against American aggression against Vietnam on 13 March 1966 was a success. Twenty thousand people marched through the streets of Bologna for the demonstration organised by the Communist Party and the Federation of Young Italian Communists. "Imperialism is hunger and war", "Neither a penny nor a soldier to the USA", "Away with the military bases from our country", "Government of Saigon = Republic of Salò", "Long live the National Liberation Front of South Vietnam" are some of the slogans printed on the placards that people display as they walk. They parade in an orderly and very composed manner, extolling peace and Vietnamese independence. The year before, the US bombing of North Vietnam began, soon to be the main catalyst for the Western youth uprising. The revolt will have disruptive results and the war will mark a point of no return. Here, the climate of the demonstration seems rather Cold War, somewhat regimented and ultimately unspontaneous. Cinematographer Oreste Baldi carefully follows the march by filming it in 8mm, then in the editing he sarcastically alternates the sequences of the demonstrators with those of caged lions and a balloon seller.